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4 Ways to Boost Your Garden’s Growth in 1 Easy-to-Use-Pack

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get your garden ready with the starter pack

Get Your Garden

Dialed In For Success

This starter pack is intended to get you off the ground with your garden. It contains four of our tried-and-true fertilizer products that successful growers, on all scales, have come to depend on.

Made from the highest quality ingredients, specifically formulated to save you time and money. For use in soil, coco and all hydroponic mediums.

It’s essential to provide the right nutrients at the right stages of growth. Growth Science® will walk you through those steps with this, cost-effective starter pack.

Take the Guesswork

Out of Gardening

Our simple to use fertilizers, combined with our informative feeding charts, will help you achieve the high standards every grower dreams of.

grow your own with growth science nutrients starter pack

Everything You Need


Base Nutrients

Base nutrients are essential for plant development and can be utilized throughout all stages of growth, providing much needed macro nutrients while being flexible and highly adaptable to your needs and wants.

Together, Base A and Base B, form the foundation of the Growth Science® nutrient regimen.

base a nutrient compounds

Base Nutrients

Base A

Base A (5-0-0) is the first of our two-part base nutrients providing Nitrogen and key micro and macro nutrients such as Calcium, Manganese, and Iron.

base b nutrient compounds


Base B

Base B (0-6-4) is our second compound of base nutrients and provides other important elements such as Phosphorous, Potassium, and Magnessium.

Get Your Plants

An Extra Boost


Beyond the general necessities required for basic growth, plants grow in cycles. Giving your plants the proper combination of nutrients during vegetative growth allows your plants to bulk up and grow out vs working on the development of their fruits. As your plants switch into floral development, this is the time to hit them with a dose of essential nutrients to improve their floral/fruit development.

Veg Booster

Solid Start®

Solid Start® (2-0-6) is a specially formulated veg booster created by Growth Science®. It contains two types of kelp to encourage prolific vegetative growth — Giant Pacific Kelp and Norwegian Kelp. These, alongside extra Nitrogen and Potassium, assist in the advancement of a plant’s vegetative period.

Cultivators use Solid Start® to create a large framework of flowering sites, then switch to Rock Solid® to feed and nourish their flowers.

Bloom Booster

Rock Solid®

Rock Solid® (0-4-4) Increase your yield’s potential with our powerful bloom booster formula. Give your plants the extra boost it needs and watch them reach maximum production in both aroma and flavor profile.

Growth Science® Rock Solid solution was created to be used in conjunction with Base A and Base B nutrients to advocate maximum yields.

Receive All

The Benefits


Growth Science® uses the most advanced horticultural science while keeping our products low-cost and readily available.

optimum rations


Growth Science is formulated with necessary elements your plants need in in optimum ratios to promote growth.



Every batch of Growth Science® nutrients is forwarded to a third-party facility for quality control testing to ensure the satisfaction of every user.

beneficial inputs


With ingredients such as cold pressed giant pacific kelp, this ensemble an array of top quality ingredients to give your garden the advantage it needs.

growth science nutrients starter pack

Are You Ready


Pick up your Growth Science® Starter Pack today and get growing!

It’s simple, efficient and makes application a breeze.

Attain gratifying results with intuitive, easy to handle products made by long-serving experts in the field.

Now available online and at your local retail hydroponic store.

401 in stock

Only $49.95

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