Growth Science Nutrients At a Glance

A Simple 5 Product Line

The Growth Science Nutrients product line is a 5-product liquid fertilizer system that utilizes cutting edge science to achieve top notch results every time you grow. This line was designed to be concentrated, easy to use, and scalable for any size operations; from four plant home grows all the way up to multi-acre greenhouse.

Base Nutrients

The line starts with Base A and Base B, which will both be used throughout the growth cycle, just in different ratios. Base A has all the nitrogen that the plants need to get them started and maintain healthy growth throughout the plants life (yes, plants do still need N in bloom; it is responsible for the formation of proteins, nucleic acids, etc.). Base A also has all of the micro nutrients that the plants need.

Base B contains the phosphorus and potassium that are essential elements for plant growth. But plants need more than just N, P, & K. That is why when used in combination, Base A & B give your plants all they need for excellent growth and development. This is similar to the popular ‘Lucas Formula’ which is being used by commercial Cannabis growers everywhere.

Lucas Formula Structured Design

Where this line separates itself from the Lucas Formula is Growth Science’s veg booster and bloom booster products. Solid start is our veg booster which contains two different species of kelp as well as extra nitrogen and potassium to give your plants a little extra push. In veg, N is responsible for the nice lush green growth and K is used in cellular development and communication. Then the kelps, in addition to adding micronutrients and trace elements that are beneficial to plant growth, also give your crops naturally occurring phytohormones which are extracted from the kelp. This assists growers in having even canopy growth and bushy green plants that are happy and ready to be flipped to flower.

Rock Solid will then be added in the bloom phase of growth. This product packs extra P & K on to stimulate flower formation and dense bud growth. We then add our signature blend of essential oils to trigger plants to produce aromatic flowers and also help protect the root zone. Adding Rock Solid to your plants will allow them to reach their genetic potential, producing buds like you’ve never seen before.

Silica for Added Strength

Growers add strength to this formula as well by incorporating our Strength product to the mix. Strength is derived from Potassium silicate which is a water-soluble ingredient that offers the plant potassium and silica. This can help invigorate plant cell walls and make them more resilient to both biotic and abiotic stressors (and will also help your plants hold up those dense, sticky flowers.

An All-Start Nutrient Solution

By using Growth Science Nutrients, growers everywhere are reaping the benefits of using this all-star grow formula that is extremely cost effective and designed for all levels of growers. See what all the buzz is about and give the line a try!

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